The 11 Best Salon Chairs Review – Experts Suggestion & Buying Guide

It has always been obvious that when people walk into a salon, the salon chairs are the most protuberant objects in the room. Before being able to determine if the experience with the stylist is above and beyond expectations, we all take a peak in the ‘room’ and try to analyze and establish if it really is worthy. No one will wait just to have their hair cut as we all want to feel the experience and relax for a bit.

Given the fact that everybody is looking to have a good time and relax while being taken care of, people thrive to get themselves into a comfortable and fancy chair. This is something fair as anybody that gets to sit onto a lumpy, hard and outdated chair will never turn back for another ‘round’.

These being said every business should realize that choosing a styling chair can be (is) intimidating and it is considered as one of the most important purchases when opening up. Maybe even more important that the thinning scissors, right? Therefore we break it down in the best salon chairs top 11 below.

The 11 Best Salon Chairs

While functions might be more important than the styling itself for salon furniture, we are pretty sure that businesses look to create a story that people need to wait for it to be told when they enter the space. If the salon is vintage, modern chairs will stand out not that good so fashion has to meet the criteria as well.

#1 FlagBeauty Black Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair Hair – Affordable

We have heard for a while about this piece of beauty that has been design for all kind of salons and we thought it’s perfect to start with it. The way it’s been develop makes every salon owner happy as it is classed as a long-lasting product. This is mostly because of the black leather that covers the cushion and protects it from wearing and tearing.

  • he chair is made by using heavy duty steel frame which makes it a long-lasting salon chair.
  • The pump is made of heavy duty hydraulic with a height adjustment and easy lock for better efficiency.
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotation system providing better access for the stylist.
  • It was developed with small cell high-density foam which ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The manufacturer focused on creating such chair to provide salons a budget option with features and quality of a high-end best all purpose salon chair. Below we also mentioned a few PROs and CONs we consider important.

After doing an extensive research and review on cheap hair salon chairs we give it a 9/10 grade for its reliability. It is one of the safest, long-lasting salon seats due to its features and material that has been used for manufacturing it. In addition, the fact that people tend to head back to a salon that has this or a similar chair makes it a real asset for a business willing to succeed.

2 ARTIST HAND Black All Purpose – The BEAST

ARTIST HAND Black All Purpose

We find this one as being a detailed barber chair that shows a heavy hydraulic pump that provides easier height adjustment for the stylist. Given the fact that the hydraulic pump can lift a maximum of 9.84 inches for perfect height of shaving we really consider that it displays a true reliability and efficiency for barbers.

The chair reclines 145 degrees which provide a great experience for both customer and barber as it is easy to maneuver. This can also hold a capacity of 440lbs that is a reflection of its durability.

The Artist Hand Black All Purpose chair provides an important series of features that are easily turned into benefits. Below can be found the most important perks of this product.

  • Comes with double-reinforced saddle sticking that helps preventing degradation.
  • It can be reclined up to 145 degree for an easy approach of the barber and a comfortable sitting of the customer.
  • Comes with stainless steel armrests that contain PVC leather with cover-high density sponge.
  • The headrest has an adjustable range of 4”.

One of the main reason the manufacturer focused on creating such a massive chair is its durability. Given the fact that it’s a high-end chair with a wide range of features all salons are aware that having this in their space is a long-lasting investment that provides great and guaranteed customer experience.As any other product even this one has got its own PROs and CONs, and we consider that it’s important to know them:

What we liked
  • Made of PVC leather with stainless steel armrest and double reinforced with saddle sticking for preventing ripping and tearing.
  • Can be used as a multifunctional chair in different salons such as beauty places, barbersand tattoo shops.
  • The maximum pump lifting level is 10inch which is perfect for any type of salon services.
  • Comes with a high density foam padding to provide extra-comfort and better experience.
What we didn’t like
  • The parts replacement process might be hard as it’s not easy to find local sellers that provide replacements as well.
  • Classed as a complex chair which is very hard to assemble (especially if you haven’t done it before with the same model or a similar one).

Based on several reviews and proper research we find this one as being one of the most comfortable salon chairs tested. In addition, it comes with a wide range of features and benefits that save time and build trust with customers to make sure they head back to the same salon next time as well. At the same time, it

#3 BR Beauty Arctic Styling Chair –  Stylish Looking!

BR Beauty Arctic Styling Chair

We find the BR Beauty salon chair to be another modern high-quality piece that surely helps your salon get that elegant and stylish vibe. It actually features a European design (sleek) and it’s outfitted with chrome armrests plus a pump that provides a 6-inch lift – not a lot compared to other brands but good enough to fit a great salon.

This styling chair from BR Beauty brings the option of accommodating clients of all sizes by using the extra-wide bright white vinyl seat.

The main reason they brought it to the market is the modern and contemporary design that changes your vibe as soon as you enter the salon.

Features worth checking:

  • Comes with a T-shaped footrest and chrome armrests.
  • The hydraulic pump provides a 6-inch lift offering protection through its durable material.
  • Contains heavy-duty chrome steel construction that supports up to 350 pounds.
  • Comes with a seat back of 17” height.
  • The outside arms measure 22” and the seat depth is 19”.

As previously mentioned it is a modern styling chair which offers comfort to both clients and stylists as it’s very easy to adjust. In addition, another reason for releasing this version is the durability and long-lasting feature that every salon is looking for as soon as they think about changing their gear. We have also gathered a few PROs and CONs to show if it’s worthy or not:

What we liked
  • Comes with an extra-wide vinyl seat to accommodate clients of all sizes.
  • Supports up to 350 pounds through its heavy-duty chrome steel construction.
  • Features a sleek European design that fits any modern salon.
  • It is a long-lasting option for styling salons.
What we didn’t like
  • The chair might be uncomfortable for tall people as it provides only a 6” lift.
  • The footrest is not adjustable.

Even though it might look as a medium-range choice we can confirm that the chair is very durable and worth trying, especially for its bright white modern look. We class it as one of the most long-lasting styling chairs due to its durability features. It accommodates clients of all sizes which is a major factor as not all salons can cope to this.

4 Black Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling

Black Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling

This chair has been classed as one of our top salon chairs due to its double-reinforced saddle and square design. The seat and the back conforms to the body and it is a quite comfortable chair at the same time. It comes with a high-density small-cell foam but also a 20 by 19 inches inside dimension. From our point of view it’s not a huge size compared to others from our top rated salon chairs but it does its job and builds a certain report with people that use it.

The manufacturer (BestSalon) brought this chair to on the market to provide a suitable option for small and medium salons that look to have a modern design and show a certain level of comfort. Below we can find a few important features:

  • Comes with heavy-duty steel frame but also a rounded chrome base that relates to a modern era.
  • The double reinforced saddle for better durability shows that the chair is a long-lasting one.
  • The chair locks in place to provide stylists with better accuracy and to avoid mistakes.

This chair has been manufactured in order to provide an accessible alternative to small and medium salons, but to also make sure it meets all criteria of being comfortable and modern. As mentioned at the beginning of the review – having a good and impressive salon styling chair. We can also find some PROs and CONs about this one below:

What we liked
  • The chair spins 360 degrees which provides easier access to stylists.
  • Adequate in accommodating the required distance for stylist and client.
  • Comfortable cushion that makes people be patient while getting a haircut or styling.
  • It comes with small cell high-density foam.
What we didn’t like
  • The foot rest is not adjustable which is a downside for customers while sitting in the chair.
  • The hydraulic pump is upside down so it might be uncomfortable to pump the chair for stylists.

Proper research and testing for this one makes us feel that it’s one of the most accessible chairs and salons can benefit from its modern look and the variety of features that come with it. The way it works and the efficiency shows that it’s worth having it in the styling salon as long as it fits the fashion concept of the place

#5 BELLAVIE Massage Facial Bed Adjustable Table

BELLAVIE Massage Facial Bed Adjustable Table

The Bellavie bed table falls under a different kind of salon chairs (if we can call it like that) as it’s more suitable for massages, facials, eyebrow waxing or threading and tattoos. It provides a high level of comfort and helps the body feel relaxed while we treat ourselves by going to beauty salons.

We find this one as being a true asset to any business based on its sturdy construction, double stitched seam finish and deluxe leather used by the manufacturer. At the same time it brings a positive and modern vibe to the place which makes people feel more comfortable and the place looking fancier. Main features:

  • Premium durable leather which provides an easy level of cleaning.
  • The back rest adjusts from 90 ° to 180 ° and the foot rest adjusts from 45 ° to 180 ° for endless positioning possibilities.
  • The head rest and arm rest area removable to provide obstruction-free access to the client. Mostly used for tattoos or massages.
  • The weight capacity is up to 375LBS.
  • Comes with an overall dimension of 72”(L) x 32”(W).

The Bellavie bed table was created to provide a high level of comfortability and a more efficient way for stylists to extend their business to eyebrow waxing, tattoos, facials, massages and so on. It is a reliable table and easy to maintain due to its deluxe leather used by the manufacturer. Below we also mentioned a few PROs and CONs we consider important.

What we liked
  • The small cell high density foam of 3” provides extra comfort for clients.
  • Adjustable bed table which can also be turn into a styling chair.
  • The double stitched seam finish prevents ripping and tearing.
  • Comes with premium leather that looks amazing and is easy to clean.
What we didn’t like
  • The height cannot be adjusted.
  • For adjusting the reclining position the client has to sit up

In a nutshell we can definitely say that this is one of the most multifunctional chairs so far presented and its performance (if we can call it like that) shows that it’s makes stylist’s job easier. Having such bed table/chair in the salon will easily have people come back for more and that means profit for the busines

6 New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo

New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo

This is a high-quality salon chair and to be fair one of the best picks to upgrade especially in a fully styling salon. Due to its multifunctional level designed with 3 sections to both bend and recline depending on your needs, this table bed chair shows hair stylists, barbers, ink masters and not only, that they can rely on using it without worrying about its durability and reliability.

From our point of view the comfortable hydraulic stool and the bed chair itself meet all criteria needed in a styling salon, and to find out more we listed several features of it:

  • The overall dimensions are 71”(L) x 24”(W) x 30”(H) which covers pretty much clients of all sizes.
  • The weight capacity is up to 500 lbs.
  • Comes with chrome towel hanger.
  • The head cushion can be removed.
  • The material used is PU leather alongside with steel.

The manufacturer focused on creating a multifunctional bed table to help all kind of stylists find an easy way to do their job. Given the fact that the table comes with the perfect sizes and is durable makes them build rapport with their clients even better. People get to relax and feel the level of comfort while being taken care of. A few PROs and CONs can be found below as well.

What we liked
  • The chair comes with a removable head cushion and a hydraulic stool with a 5-star base.
  • Comes with foam-filled faux leather to provide the comfort necessary to help clients relax.
  • The 3-section bed and chair combination is perfect for tattoos, facial care and even massages.
  • It reclines to every position.
What we didn’t like
  • The chair/bed height cannot be adjusted.
  • Some people might find the stool a little short for tattooing.

This bed table/chair is classed as one of the sturdiest ones. It is a very reliable piece made of durable material and quality leather to provide a high-class comfort. Having one of these in a salon will make clients come back sooner than expected and that’s because of the experience they get while taking care of them.

7 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline

The Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline is another high-end salon chair that aside from helping the stylist focus more on taking care of you, it will also make you feel the perfect level of comfort while sitting in the chair. Its round base is made of heavy duty steel frame which is classed as premium and very durable.

At the same time due to the small cell high density foam the comfort is indeed worthy, but we can see more features about the BestSalon premium chair below:

  • Comes with a double-reinforced saddle sticking to prevent degradation.
  • The inside seat dimension measures 20”(L) and 19”(W).
  • As mentioned above it comes with a small cell high density foam that ensures extra comfort for the client.
  • The hydraulic pump makes height adjustment easier.

When we take a look at all the features we realize that the manufacturer has made a great move creating such a long-lasting piece that provides great level of comfort for clients. Given the fact that it is a high-end product we thought we have to share some PROs and CONs below:

What we liked
  • The hydraulic pump withstands the stresses of demanding use so it’s perfect for a busy salon.
  • Comes with small cell high density foam which allows customers feel relaxed and patient.
  • The double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents ripping and tearing.
  • Big enough to accommodate clients of all sizes.
What we didn’t like
  • The lock is not very stable and it does not block the chair from moving which can be a pain as stylists need to recline it more than once when needed.

This chair’s features can easily convince us that it’s worthy and we consider it being one of the most professional salon pieces out there. That is measured through its specifications as well as the quality material that has been used by the manufacturer.

8 Icarus”Mae” Black Classic Beauty Salon Hydraulic


When we discuss about the Icarus ‘Mae’ chair we can see that even though it looks more like a little chair compared to other pieces we presented above, this is clearly a great choice for any type of styling salon. It has more like a polished look but its smooth chrome base and hydraulic pump make it look like a fancy chair people can take advantage of while being taken care of.

This one perfectly fits the European style through its black and seat wit sturdy arm rests that provide distinguished experience for clients. Below we can find a few features that make this chair get its reputation.

  • It is an upscale styling salon chair that comes with sturdy black arms of clear lacquer finish.
  • The soft PVC vinyl provides the right comfort with an easy level of maintenance.
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotation feature.
  • It has a hydraulic pump and a chrome base plate.

The manufacturer has done a great job in providing such elegant and stylish salon chair that perfectly fits small, medium and large styling salons. Even though some may think that it can mostly be used for kids or light-weight clients, the chair truly changes the aspect of the salon and shows great reliability. We shared a few PROs and CONs below as well:

What we liked
  • Accessible chair that includes most features a stylist is look for.
  • It is a comfortable chair through its soft PVC vinyl used by the manufacturer.
  • The hydraulic pump helps stylist adjust the height when needed.
  • The chair perfectly fits any modern stylish salon.
What we didn’t like
  • Some find the chair being a small and not very sturdy salon piece.
  • The weight limit is too low.

We find this chair being one of the most accessible options for small salons especially in a hair styling business. The looks and its features can convince people to give it a shot just to realize that it’s indeed worthy and it meets the expectations.

#9 Polar Aurora New Backwash Barber

This is an affordable backwash unit that fulfills all needs in a salon featuring reclining backrest as well as oversized shampoo ball that provides a comfortable gel neck rest. It comes with a high density foam for extra comfort and it fits any salon with its classic and stylish design. The sink bowl is adjustable so it makes the experience better for the client but also for the stylist as it can easily recline it.

Polar Aurora focused on providing a distinguished piece when they manufactured this salon shampoo backwash unit especially for the features they included:

  • The seat dimension is 20”L x 20”W x 2.8”D that can accommodate the clients of most sizes.
  • It provides a comfortable gel neck rest.
  • Comes with a spray hose with shower nozzle but also a vacuum breaker.
  • It fits any barbershop décor through its classic and stylish design.
  • The double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents degradation.

The Polar Aurora backwash unit has been developed to provide an affordable piece that helps salons fulfill their needs while providing a great level of comfort to its customers. This is an important factor if they want to make sure people will head back to the salon sooner than imagined. We have also focused on a few PROs and CONs that will help you determine if it is indeed worthy.

What we liked
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The amply padded seat provides extra comfort to clients.
  • It comes fully equipped with necessary hardware.
  • It has an ergonomic design but it is heavy duty at the same time.
What we didn’t like
  • The sink bowl is made of plastic ABS.
  • There is no adjustable feature available.

We truly consider this backwash unit for one of the most reliable ones on the market and easily affordable for small salons as well. Based on its features and benefits we can see that having it present in the salon will take the customer experience to a next level that will definitely make a change in the booking agenda in the future.

10 Shengyu Hydraulic Barber Chair Salon


This piece is an accessible but high-quality salon chair that perfectly fits any kind of salons. Based on its PU leather covering the entire chair we are sure it provides a high level of comfort to clients as well so it makes it easier to relax and enjoy the salon experience.

In terms of design, Shengyu provided a great looking piece that will help upgrade any salon and is more suitable for modern-style salons although it fits the vintage ones as well. Below we can take a look at some important features:

  • The heavy duty chrome circle base comes with a durable hydraulic pump that is meant to last.
  • The load capacity is up to 300lbs.
  • Comes with inside seat dimensions of 20”L and 19”W.
  • Provides footrests for clients to get more comfortable.

The manufacturer chose to create such a beauty to help all type of salons find a suitable and affordable salon chair that is meant to last and will leave a good impression to clients. Its design shows indeed that it fits elegant and stylish salons that care about their people and image. We have also shared a few PROs and CONs below:

What we liked
  • The load capacity is 300lbs which accommodates clients of most sizes.
  • The high quality PU leather shows an elegant and modern concept.
  • An accessible piece for small salons.
  • A good looking chair that upgrades any salon.
What we didn’t like
  • The height of the chair doesn’t adjust and I can’t be reclined.
  • The hydraulic pump is backwards which makes it a bit uncomfortable for stylists.

From our point of view this salon chair falls under the most reliable accessible salon chairs. It is a help for small salons that just started and it will definitely take them far by providing comfort to customers and great looking design for their salons.

11 Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W

Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W

This is a standard barber chair that provides a good level of comfort to all type of clients and also makes stylist feel more confident when performing. It comes with a heavy duty steel frame that shows reliability and that it was designed to last.

As a brand, BestSalon focused on alternatives especially for small salons that look to impress their clients and make them feel good while being taken care of and they succeed with this piece. To get a better insight we have shared a few features below:

  • Comes with inside seat dimension of 20”L x 19”W.
  • The small cell high-density foam provides extra comfort.
  • Includes double-reinforced saddle sticking to prevent both ripping and tearing.
  • The height is adjustable through its heavy-duty hydraulic pump.
  • It has got a premium chrome round base.

This one has been created to provide accessible alternatives to all salons as well as high-quality saddle for better comfort. Clients will always feel better in a good salon chair as they want to relax and be taken care of at the same time. We have also gathered a few PROs and CONs that are mentioned below:

What we liked
  • It comes with a footrest to make clients feel more comfortable.
  • We can tell that it is a long-lasting chair as the saddle is double-reinforced to prevent degradation.
  • The steel frame is also a durable part of the chair which is meant to last.
  • It comes with a seat dimension of 20”L x 19”W to fit clients of almost all sizes.
What we didn’t like
  • The foot pedal gets stuck down sometimes.
  • The pump is upside down so it might need to be flipped opposite of the cover slot if you want it the right way.

We consider this chair as being an affordable piece of comfort and durability that will help salons achieve their goals and give the salon an elegant and modern vibe. The propositions made by BestSalonis part of the top rated salon chairs and with this oneis obviously helping stylist reach a high level of confidence while performing.

Things to Consider Before Suggesting You to Select The Best Salon Chairs

Throughout the review we showed that choosing a salon chair was never an easy choice to make and that is mainly because of all available options out there that offer similar features or benefits.
When it comes down to making the best pick we try to analyze the nature of the product as well as the accessibility which is one of the most important factors. It is a pain, isn’t it? Well, to help you determine which product is the most suitable we listed a break down below.

Our main focus is around the accessibility of the product in relation to the features provided. So we care a lot about the way the salon chair works, but more on the benefits we are getting with the choice we make.

The design and the level of comfort play indeed a major part in making the right choice as it has to relate to both the client and the stylist. It has to satisfy both sides otherwise it does not achieve the goal set up which might result into a downfall.

A salon chair that is multifunctional at the same time will always be of a better value for the salon as it can be used for multiple purposes. That is why we also showed a few picks that included a chair that can easily be turned into a bed table.

We have prepared a set of FAQ that people have got about salon chairs:

Q1.Why is the design of the chair important?
A.Well, styling is art. The same as painting, tattoos and cooking. People will go to a salon to relax, feel good vibes and make friends so depending on the looks of the chair or the place itself you might or might not succeed in the business. That is why owners try to think outside the box more and more and fashion plays an important factor in this branch.

Q2.Should I choose a bed table or a salon chair if I am a barber?
A.To be fair that doesn’t make a huge different or impact on doing your job, however the budget will. There are several questions we need to think about when we open a salon and this is an important one as well. If there is no need for a bed table we recommend you just go for a salon chair to help the budget.

Q3.Is the material of the chair important?
A.Let’s put it like this – is the mattress important when we choose to buy a bed? The reason we ask this questions is because when you get home from work you would like to relax and feel comfortable. That is what clients look for when they choose a salon as well. They won’t go the second time to the same salon if they have to sit in a lumpy and outdated chair.

Q4.What size of the chair should I get?
A.This question is the simplest one to answer. Do we want to focus only on kids? Or women? If not – the size has to be the standard one to fit clients of all sizes. If we mistake on this one we might regret in the future as people will not stop by.

Q5.Why do people choose massive chairs instead of small ones?
A.The reason behind this is (again) obvious. The comfort that clients feel when they site in such chairs will definitely make them come back sooner than expected. Aside from that they also come with more features than standard chairs and usually they are multifunctional.

Summary Line

In conclusion these are the most important factors we need to know when it comes down to salon chairs. There are plenty of manufacturers and vendors that provide high-quality and mid-quality equipment for styling salons and choosing the best salon chairs might a pain, however it is a pain we need to handle in order to have a successful business. We have all been on both sides of the chair and we know what an important role they play in a salon so it’s important to do the proper research.

Congratulations if you have managed to find the most suitable piece and good luck for those that are still searching. We are sure you will make the right decision!

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